Atlantis is a flying giraffe

Finally the dream is manifesting.

After three years in Nimbin, I have found a home for “Atlantis” where she will do what she was always intended to do. Be a free library.

The great news is that “Atlantis” is going to Guyra where I am developing the Australian Poetry Hall of Fame.

I never gave up on my hopes or dreams and they came true in the most unexpected way, it seems.

Please stay tuned for more updates over the next month as I make sure Atlantis is safe and I drive her to her new home,

10 Steps to achieve what you want

  by Thundercloud Repairian

  1. The power of purpose is pulling you forward to your future through all the challenges and doors. The power of purpose makes you swim hard beyond here and now and creates new rules.
  2. Self confidence comes from not neglecting yourself and doing your best to better yourself. When you feel good about yourself your confidence will rise and all of your fears and anxiety dies.Willing to what it takes to achieve the purpose of your life and self believe. Whatever it takes I will do and rise above the petty things discouraging you. Willing to overcome all of the bad and uncomfortable situations your life happy not sad
  3. Enthusiasm and excitement that runs deep inside, genuine willingness to help other people you can’t hide. Enthusiasm to do the best job I can and excited about becoming a better man.
  4. Expertise and outstanding the best you can be, and you will become your greatest possibility.
  5. Preparation prevents poor performance so be properly prepared and achieve all you can be. Prepare yourself for success and then you will achieve your very best. What can I do to be ready to go? To put on the best and the greatest show. Searching and looking for the best ideas so you’ll be ready for when opportunity appears.
  6. Self reliant when you mostly look to yourself for the answers to questions, responsible for myself. Because the only one who knows what you need is you so don’t rely on others to look after you. 
  7. Image that other people see you. If you act like a leader people will follow you. Your image is what the other people see so stay true to yourself image and be it freely. Look in the mirror how I appear to myself, so I nurture and care for my total health
  8. Character is a person with respect and integrity and then the system will become the best it could be. So people see you as helpful and kind, positive, optimistic, sublime.
  9. Self discipline is when you focus on the best job you can and remedy mistakes and always follow your plan. 
  10. The power of high performance and demand of yourself to be an extraordinary woman or man. The power of the high performance you do will ensure your sucess in everything you do.n Demanding of the highest version of yourself so wish it and you can be the best version of yourself


Big thanks to Jim Rohn for his motivational speech available on Youtube

Manifesting Dreams

My name is James Arthur Warren aka Thundercloud (how I got that name is another story) and I practice the art of living or living as art.

Over the last two years I have been manifesting my dream to build a free school and library in a double decker bus. The next manifestation is a trailer that will be a mobile demonstration solar power system and PA/sound system/stage to teach classes from and run events from. 

Just this last week I acquired a 1.4tonne trailer from Gumtree so the next step is to source other second hand components for the solar system and  the PA. 

Unlearning taking sides

One learned habit is the tendency to “take sides”.

Which side are you on?

Unlearning taking sides is about getting fresh perspective on an issue where perhaps the best way forward is by working together in unity instead of taking sides which leads to conflict and separation.

Why take a side when you aren’t in a war?
Why are you against or why are you for?
Why not stand back and look objectively?
Why not question the situation that caused duality to be?
Why black and white when there’s a colourful rainbow?
Why be dualistic when there’s many ways to go?
Why left or right when you can go your own way?
Why not just observe and listen to what they say?
Will you keep people out or invite people in
Or question the situation that caused duality to begin?
No people are black, no people are white
This fake separation causes a fight
I’ve only ever seen people pinkish, brown, tanned
And never in my life have I seen a black or white man
Which side am I on? It seems so absurd
When I can just watch, witness and observe
And check out both sides and listen to ideas
Instead of being in conflict with judgement, war and tears
I don’t need a side, I will resist
And disobey old conventions that still persist
Why follow blindly old dualistic conventions
When we can be one with United intentions?
And free from the dualistic idea of taking sides
When we all work together, all people will thrive
When we all work together and act as a team
Separation and dualism will become a past dream

7 ways to have a fun life

In the modern world it’s very easy to get caught up in the rat race working 40 hours a week plus and having no time to play will do sport or enjoy life because of work or the commute. Maybe you’re running around after the kids or trying to study or a number of other reasons so this article is about how to have fun in your life.

1 Smile

Smile because when you smile your body releases endorphins that make you feel good smile because when you smile and look people in the eye in a friendly way they Smile Back and it allows you to feel comfortable and it allows them to feel comfortable

2 Dance

Don’t just dance at home alone in front of the mirror dance everywhere. When you dance people start to move to the music and start to tap their feet and it gives them permission to be themselves. Everyone can dance and learn to dance. We all have rhythm in us and dancing is just a matter of moving our body with the rhythm. it doesn’t matter how you dance, it’s if you’re dancing or not because once you’re dancing you’re free. You’re free to move however you want and nobody actually ever watches you in a judgemental way. People watch you in a way like wow that person can dance and it makes people happy and I makes you happy because you’re doing moving and enjoying life. Dancing is is very joyful thing because it allows your whole body to move with music rythmicly.

The other benefits of dancing are that you get out and you meet people because go to dancing ckasses and it gives you confidence as well in social situations.

3 Learn a creative art

Weather it is painting a poem a short story a beautiful knitted woolen colourful dreamcoat or macrame wall hanging it gives a lot of satisfaction to finish a piece of beautiful art and to share it with other people and give them Joy as well as yourself joy for having participated in the creative process.

You don’t have to go out to study something new. you can just go to YouTube or type into any search engine and find how to dra, how to dance, how to write, even and how to publish books, how to sew, how to build toys, There are many things that you can learn online which will enrich rich and bring joy to your life and other peoples lives around you

4 Care for yourself

Adopt habits of self care. Discard habits of harm. Look after yourself because your health is your wealth It’s important to make sure that you put in only good vital food to give you daily energy. Eating healthy food and doing daily exercise results in good health, a good figure and you feeling good about yourself which then gives you more confidence and ability to enjoy life, do the things you love and enjoy living in joy.

5 Attitude of gratitude

We can choose what kind of attitude we have towards life and having an attitude of gratitude allows us to frame all events as being positive. We all have a choice how we are going to approach each day we can get out of bed and decide I’m going to have a great day and get lots of things done and do it with joy and have lots of fun doing itc. The alternative which is not very pleasant would be to stay at home and not take responsibility for anything that happens in our life and blame past events and live in fear of the future and not take control of your life.

You can be grateful for all of the wonderful things that you have in your life but you can also be grateful for all of the supposed bad things that happen in your life and you can treat them as learning experiences. When you ReFrame even negative experiences with gratitude and acceptance you don’t get as emotionally affected by events perceived as negative and you can let go of your grief, fogive and not stay angry. Then you can look about and you can see the blue sky in the clear water & realise how lucky we are to be here a one in 400 trillion chance that you were born.

6 Plan fun

There are 168 hours in a week most people sleep on average 56 hours and if the average work week is 40 hours there are still 72 hours left in the week to have fun. 72 hours per week do something fun learn something new but it will only happen if you get out your calendar and start to plan your life and plan time for fun.

It only takes 15 minutes to make a to do list each day and a calendar is a most useful tool because you can schedule your time into blocks and you can visually see where you have spare time and organise it appropriately to have more fun.

7 Challenge yourself to have fum

When you wake up in the morning challenge yourself to have a fun day you can say to yourself today I’m going to have fun and play and enjoy my life and everything that goes around including all the people that I meet today and no one is going to let me bring me down or stop me enjoying my life and having some fun.

Love in Nimbin

Nimbin, Bundjalung Country May 2018. The 45th Anniversary celebrations of the Aquarius Festival are currently happening in Nimbin and it has been one year since I arrived.

What has happened and what next? Over the past year I have written and published three books. The flea and the dinosaur is a children’s book that I wrote and illustrated with an engaging anti-bullying message. Then there is my new release two book poetry anthology from 2017 Love and Lust in Nimbin which started as one book and ended up as two books. “Love in Nimbin” and “Lust in Nimbin” These books are currently only available by direct mail of from fantAsian eatery Nimbin. However I am currently working on EPUB ebook copies and a large hardback format version of “The flea and the dinosaur.”

There is also a sticker and t-shirt range I am working on, a portraits of Nimbin art show that I am working toward later in the year, my 2018 poetry anthology “Peace and Protest in Nimbin” and my second children’s book called ” The Yowie who went to Booberowie” which is about a Yowie who takes all the good Aquarian ideals about Nimbin and takes them to a sad half dead town. (Sorry Booberowie, but you really need a makeover)

Art, writing, drawing and so much to do in Nimbin to keep ones mind occupied and great people too. That is why myself and some other people are looking to create an open hub of wellness and learning.

Twenty years ago I had dreams to build a collective learning centre for sustainability, land repair, and personal wellness. Nimbin has one of the highest proportion of tertiary educated people in Australia as well as being close to Brisbane, Gold Coast and Byron. That is why I believe Nimbin area would be appropriate for a Zeitgeist/Venus Project style learning hub.

Next step. Look for land and creative funding as well as benefactors.

Contact me via Email to buy a copy of mypoetry books. They are $20 each.

As for “The flea and the Dinosaur, you can buy a copy by clicking the link

More to come…….


Flea and the Dinosaur, Love and Lust in Nimbin

Bit tyrannasaurMay 2018 Nimbin, Bundjalung Country

It has been one year since Atlantis stopped after 2017 Nimbin Mardi Grass. I was feeling a little frustrated that not much had been happening and little progress made, however………..

After one year in Nimbin I have written and illustrated a children’s book, “The Flea and the Dinosaur” and written two poetry books. The poetry books are part of a two book series called “Love and Lust in Nimbin” Part 1 “Love in Nimbin” is about good things and part 2 “Lust in Nimbin” is a political book  about good things too.

The good thing is I am making progress while staying in the same place. I now have products which I can sell to fund “Blue House Free School” and the running of Atlantis……

Here is a little sample ……….Love and Lust in Nimbin

It could have been apples and appease

Or sleeping on a doorstep

or smelling of blue cheese

Love and lust in Nimbin.

It could be “living in a human zoo”

Or Angry Fascist Bully Boys

Or Rainbow Hippie Spew

Love and Lust in Nimbin

It could have been Aquarius and Peace

Or OD on a Saturday morning

Communes, Cannabis and Trees

Love and Lust in Nimbin

Our eternal dreamtime too

And songs for our corroborees

For our Widjabal ancestors too

Love and Lust in Nimbin

It’s what came to my mind

I’m living in the country

I’m eating peaches all the time

Love and Lust in Nimbin

Take a peek inside

You’ll love this little book

You’ll buy it, you’ll decide

You can get a copy of any of these books by contacting me directly via email  They are all $20 each

Moving but still with the times

There is a saying that goes “just because your father and grandfather were milkmen, doesnt mean we still need milkmen.”

The same applies to our financial and economic system which is broken due to separation of borders, different pay scales and fiat currencies based on nothing, not even gold.

For this reason Blue House Free Schools has moved with the times and has begun accepting cryptocurrencies for payment and for supporters to make contributions so that Blue House Free Schools can keep operating in the Private Realm travelling about and gifting free knowledge on wellness and lifestyles of self sufficency.

Gift Potcoins here

Of course if you still prefer to use old fashioned money, you can gift and contribute here on gofundme.

As for the Blue House Free School Bus and the Free Blue Library moving. Nimbin is like a big magnet. I tried to leave 4 weeks ago but the water pump in Atlantis has siezed up. Atlantis is in need of repairs so we cant go anywhere until she is fixed. The water pump has siezed up ($200), she needs 4 new tyres ($1220), a couple of uni-joints on a drive shaft ($400), electrical work, ($350).
If you can help out with a few dollars it would be appreciated so that I can get her back on the road and many more people, including you, can enjoy the dream and can visit to discover my secrets to wellness and happiness.


Raining but dry in Nimbin

Cecil Street Nimbin outside of Djanbung gardens. 

I arrived in Nimbin for the Mardi Grass with $2.70 after Atlantis had a blow out on the way here. Mardi Grass celebrated its 25th anniversary and after the party was over I decided to stay for the permaculture open day at Djanbung gardens. Then on Sunday night when I went to leave and started Atlantis there was a nasty sound. Alas! The water pump needs fixing. So here I am. 

I’ve been making the most if the opportunity to study natural complementary medicine, botanical healing and many more things that are available from the wealth of knowledge of the people of Nimbin. I’ve had amazing conversations with murderers, witches, healers, victims of state violence like junkie ex-undercover cops and people force medicated with children abducted by the state. 

Today it was the Blue Knob Fibre Festival where I saw some amazing basket weaving work and listened to artisans speak on their different textile crafts.  and tomorrow its the Repair cafe day and a bicycle maintenance workshop at Djanbung gardens.

The weekend evenings here in Nimbin always have something to do and Friday night hosts the drumming circle and dancing in the street. Plus during winter there is a fire in the park and people sitting about having a yarn. 

While it’s raining knowledge and experience it’s very dry here with regards to making any progress to get out of Nimbin. 

I’d love to be on my way to a new destination but I haven’t enough money to repair Atlantis . So here I am. 

Can you contribute some money so that I can fix Atlantis and get in my way? 

contribute to Blue House Free Schools here. 

After school is the clean up

The Quantum Release festival is over where we held space and inspired many. I would call our mission successful. However returning to Bundjalung, Atlantis has broken down again this time with a flat tire, and a leaking water pump as well as a fractured tensioner. I don’t have a problem with this because I feel that everywhere I go I am in the right place that I’m supposed to be so here I am in Indy Court Nerang.

I was returning from the quantum release festival where I’ve been holding workshops on Wellness and sustainability when Atlantis started to vibrate so I stopped to check the tires but it appeared as if nothing was wrong. Within a minute of continuing the tire blew out however luckily I was only 400 metres from a service station so we had a nice place to stop and change Atlantis is tire under lights. 

The Blue House free school held many successful workshops including Quantum Pause meditation,Tibetan yoga, natural hygiene, waste minimisation, amongst many others during the festival. 

The next step is to get all of these things fixed on Atlantis so that we can go on our journey to our next magical place of learning and sharing our knowledge of healing and wellness. 

I hope you can help out with a contribution at Contribute here