Watching a planted seed become a tree

Watching a planted seed become a tree: Patience grasshopper.

by James Arthur Warren 5th of January 2015

I have planted many seeds, hundreds of thousands, more than a million. Some seeds I watered, watched, waited harvested and tasted the rich fruit picked from the plant. Much tastier than any apple after a 12 month hibernation in a Tasmanian cold store.

There are many seeds that I have planted that I will never directly see the positive benefits but will continue to give back to me and you long after we are gone. In my early 30s, I worked beside my father in our forestry nursery. In the beginning we were sowing seeds by hand. The seeds were smaller than 1 millimeter in size, hundreds of thousands of them one by one, patiently and carefully dropped into a seed tube. Some days that was the only thing we did, working flat out and some days we had to wait.

Watching seeds become trees take nurturance and patience
Watching seeds become trees takes nurturance and patience

The seedling trees were watered, watched, weeded, watched some more, sorted, shipped and planted.

The majority of the trees, I’ll never see again. I know where some were planted and I drive past the juvenile forests that they have become. All the trees working together to provide oxygen, habitat and seeds for future generations of trees to continue the cycle again. As Neil from the tv comedy “The Young Ones” said, “we plant the seed, nature grows the seed and we eat the seed.”

Thirteen years ago I took the strongest spotted gum seedling I could find in the nursery and placed it to grow over the placenta of my recently born son Luca. I prepared the ground well, planted the seedling with love and watered the tree regularly. I went back and saw the tree recently and it is now 25 to 30 meters high and I can just wrap my arms around it. (I am a tree hugger) It is a huge tree, a home to birds and insects.

Luca, 13 is now a young man too, strong and handsome like a tree too and if you know of Luca’s sporting achievements, you know what an inspiration he is to many people. That seed planted with love became a tree and will continue giving oxygen for many years to come.

For the past 2 days I have waited for a problem with my online fundraising campaign to be fixed. It’s working now. I took the opportunity to get out and enjoy life. The Chinese have a saying which translates to “walk slowly”. The seed for James’ Blue House Free Schools has been planted with love. I’ve been watering and waiting.

“Hey! Look! I think the seed has sprouted and I can see the first two leaves.” I will be around to see many of the positive results that come out of James Blue House Free Schools. But I’ll always remember that  I have to look past the trees in order to see the forest and the seeds of love planted today become the forests of tomorrow.

Many of the seeds I planted I will never see as forests but will live on forever.

Patience Grasshopper

About: James’ Blue House Free School

On 27 of November 2014 a supercell storm blew the roof off my home of 8 years and left myself and 3 sons displaced. I am an Environmental Scientist and English as a Second Language teacher. I have taught thousands of refugees and migrant to read and write English and settle in Australia. I understand the importance of reading and writing to having access to information so that you can improve your life and the lives of those around you.

So I am selling everything I don’t need to fund James’ Blue House Free School Bus so that I can take a travelling school into areas where access to education is limited. The money raised will go to purchasing a double decker bus and equipping it with computers and solar energy generation.

The initial goal is to raise $20,000 of donations on gofundme James’ Blue House Free School Bus

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