Get inside my head

G’day mate. How ya goin’?

To get into my head space. I started this walk from Brisbane to Adelaide all gung ho, knowing I have the physical and mental strength to complete it but after 2 days I got this cellulitis leg infection. I thought I would heal in a couple of days and keep going but no it doesn’t work that way. I was very reluctant to admit I had to stop until I was fully healed.

The healing was not as quick as I initially believed. I would heal. I thought 3 days and I’ll be on my way, then another 3 days and today I’d be leaving but no. I don’t even want to put a time frame on it now. I have been frustrated and disappointed, reluctant to admit I have to stop. I felt I was letting everyone down. Disappointed more.

Eventually I allowed myself to come back home to rest and recover but didn’t want to. Found it difficult to even go back home and waited over an hour at mum and dad’s before going home, next door. I got upset with my son Clay for a stupid reason when I should have been happy to see him.

However, now I am accepting that my healing will take time, my patience is returning and grateful I could be here to spend more time with the family, had such a joyful time with my son Sacha last night. We went walk about through South Brisbane from 8pm to 11pm last night and picked sweet potato at South Bank.Had a great time with friends at Marine’s birthday yesterday laughing and playing games.

Yesterday I did some gardening, planted more sunflowers and amaranth. Crown St is looking great with our street gardens and will look even better in a month when more sunflowers grow. I even made some more videos.

I am grateful for more time to get stuff organised and time to prepare for all the things I want to do in the next year. I feel less pressure and more organised.

Yes I will recover and I will continue. I dream of walking this walk. The first two days alone were amazing and I have 48 more to go. What do I mean? The experience of joy through gratitude at having this marvelous opportunity to walk past such amazingly beautiful scenery frequently brought tears of joy I could not hold back and I could also feel the energy that all my lovely followers were sending me was overwhelming.

I love all my supporters and followers and look forward to sharing more of this beautiful country with all of you in my videos, blog, and social media posts.

Why? Because I believe in free education and I believe “there is nothing like Australia .”

Good on ya mate.

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