7 benefits of quitting cigarettes

7 benefits of quitting cigarettes or never starting smoking to begin with.

By James Arthur Warren

Tobacco cigarettes are one of the most addictive substances sold legally. Not only addictive, cigarettes cost a lot of money but impose even greater costs to society in the way of environmental pollution and health care costs.

Here are 7 of the benefits of quitting smoking.

  1. Healthier lungs
    Quitting tobacco cigarettes will give you healthier lungs. Within a week of quitting your lungs begin to repair themselves and become better at removing tar and dust. After 9 months cilia have regrown and tar and dust are more efficiently removed. Quitting cigarettes can reduce your chance of getting emphysema.
  2. More money and reduced costs
    Quitting smoking will save you a lot of money. At the current cost (2015) cigarettes in Australia are around $19 for 20 cigarettes. If you smoke one pack per day that would add up to more than $5000 per year. Over 10 years that would be the cost of a good car. Check out more of the costs of smoking here there is even a helpful cost calculator to help you calculate the personal cost to yourself.
    Smoking cigarettes not only impose a personal financial cost but cost billions of dollars worldwide in health care costs.
  3. Less puffed
    Quitting smoking will allow your lungs to work more efficiently meaning that you won’t get so puffed or short of breath when doing exercise.
  4. Live longer
    If you quit smoking you can increase your lifespan and are less likely to get ill from cancer, respiratory and smoking related disease.
  5. Smell better
    You will be able to smell better. Quitting smoking improves your sense of smell. This means you will be able to smell the roses and also your food. However you will also smell better. Any non-smoker can tell you how bad a smoker smells with smoke on their clothes or smoky breath.
  6. Taste better
    Quitting smoking cigarettes improves your sense of taste. A lot of your taste comes from your sense of smell. Having a better sense of smell from quitting smoking also improves your sense of taste. Not only that, smoking actually tastes bad. Any ex smoker will tell you that they never really enjoyed the taste of cigarettes and only smoked because they were addicted.
    You will also taste better to kiss. As the old saying goes, “kissing a smoker is like kissing an ashtray.
  7. Less illness and cancer
    By quitting smoking you will have less illness. Cigarettes have been proven to cause cancer. Quitting smoking will decrease your chance of getting cancer.

Check out this video of the 7 benefits of quitting cigarettes

Bonus Benefit:

Less pollution. Every year many billions of cigarettes are smoked worldwide. Many of the cigarette butts are discarded into the environment where they take 20 years or more to break down. In the process of breaking down, cigarettes butts are mistakenly eaten by animals but also release a cocktail of toxic chemicals into the environment.

For more information about why to quit smoking and help quitting check out this website whyquit.com

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