Life grows and fades in time

A life could be static and unchanging but for a conscious human being this can become monotonous after some time repeating the same thing over and over. I prefer to think of life and time as cyclical. There are small cycles and big cycles. 

I write this article on the 21st of December 2O15, the summer solstice, the longest period of daylight for the year here in the Southern Hemisphere.  8pm and it’s still light. 

Just like the year, my life has ended one cycle and began another. A year ago, I decided to change the direction of my life after the roof blew off the house I was living in. My sons who were home at the time Escaped unharmed. A few days later I decided to go for my dream and purchase a double decker bus to make into an mobile free school teaching lifestyles of health and sustainability and digital literacy. $18,000 and one year later it is paid for and I’m on my way from Brisbane to Adelaide to pick it up. 

I’ve given away and sold most of my possessions apart from the basics in order to fund my venture. I’ve even left my sons behind but they understand what I’m doing and that we’ll only be separated for a short time. My parents have been amazingly supportive because they are ex-teachers too and understand what and why I’m doing what I’m doing. (I hope). 

So today one part of my life has ended and the next big adventure is truely underway. I feel blessed for the opportunity that I’ve worked hard for and created. My goal for the school in a bus is to travel to different communities, in particular aboriginal communities offering free educational programs. For this reason I am also fortunate to be accompanied on my journey by Garru Robert Craigie of the Gamilaraay Nation who is taking me to Adelaide via Moree and his Country. Now we’re spending the night in Byron Bay because he wanted to show me the right way to go back to his country. First we had to go cleanse off the city in the ocean. 

So as the dirt from the city washes away, the last 11 years of my life in South Brisbane, Kurilpa, Meanjin are now a memory and it’s time to create the next uncle of my life. 



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