Raining but dry in Nimbin

Cecil Street Nimbin outside of Djanbung gardens. 

I arrived in Nimbin for the Mardi Grass with $2.70 after Atlantis had a blow out on the way here. Mardi Grass celebrated its 25th anniversary and after the party was over I decided to stay for the permaculture open day at Djanbung gardens. Then on Sunday night when I went to leave and started Atlantis there was a nasty sound. Alas! The water pump needs fixing. So here I am. 

I’ve been making the most if the opportunity to study natural complementary medicine, botanical healing and many more things that are available from the wealth of knowledge of the people of Nimbin. I’ve had amazing conversations with murderers, witches, healers, victims of state violence like junkie ex-undercover cops and people force medicated with children abducted by the state. 

Today it was the Blue Knob Fibre Festival where I saw some amazing basket weaving work and listened to artisans speak on their different textile crafts.  and tomorrow its the Repair cafe day and a bicycle maintenance workshop at Djanbung gardens.

The weekend evenings here in Nimbin always have something to do and Friday night hosts the drumming circle and dancing in the street. Plus during winter there is a fire in the park and people sitting about having a yarn. 

While it’s raining knowledge and experience it’s very dry here with regards to making any progress to get out of Nimbin. 

I’d love to be on my way to a new destination but I haven’t enough money to repair Atlantis . So here I am. 

Can you contribute some money so that I can fix Atlantis and get in my way? 

contribute to Blue House Free Schools here. 

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