Moving but still with the times

There is a saying that goes “just because your father and grandfather were milkmen, doesnt mean we still need milkmen.”

The same applies to our financial and economic system which is broken due to separation of borders, different pay scales and fiat currencies based on nothing, not even gold.

For this reason Blue House Free Schools has moved with the times and has begun accepting cryptocurrencies for payment and for supporters to make contributions so that Blue House Free Schools can keep operating in the Private Realm travelling about and gifting free knowledge on wellness and lifestyles of self sufficency.

Gift Potcoins here

Of course if you still prefer to use old fashioned money, you can gift and contribute here on gofundme.

As for the Blue House Free School Bus and the Free Blue Library moving. Nimbin is like a big magnet. I tried to leave 4 weeks ago but the water pump in Atlantis has siezed up. Atlantis is in need of repairs so we cant go anywhere until she is fixed. The water pump has siezed up ($200), she needs 4 new tyres ($1220), a couple of uni-joints on a drive shaft ($400), electrical work, ($350).
If you can help out with a few dollars it would be appreciated so that I can get her back on the road and many more people, including you, can enjoy the dream and can visit to discover my secrets to wellness and happiness.


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