7 ways to have a fun life

In the modern world it’s very easy to get caught up in the rat race working 40 hours a week plus and having no time to play will do sport or enjoy life because of work or the commute. Maybe you’re running around after the kids or trying to study or a number of other reasons so this article is about how to have fun in your life.

1 Smile

Smile because when you smile your body releases endorphins that make you feel good smile because when you smile and look people in the eye in a friendly way they Smile Back and it allows you to feel comfortable and it allows them to feel comfortable

2 Dance

Don’t just dance at home alone in front of the mirror dance everywhere. When you dance people start to move to the music and start to tap their feet and it gives them permission to be themselves. Everyone can dance and learn to dance. We all have rhythm in us and dancing is just a matter of moving our body with the rhythm. it doesn’t matter how you dance, it’s if you’re dancing or not because once you’re dancing you’re free. You’re free to move however you want and nobody actually ever watches you in a judgemental way. People watch you in a way like wow that person can dance and it makes people happy and I makes you happy because you’re doing moving and enjoying life. Dancing is is very joyful thing because it allows your whole body to move with music rythmicly.

The other benefits of dancing are that you get out and you meet people because go to dancing ckasses and it gives you confidence as well in social situations.

3 Learn a creative art

Weather it is painting a poem a short story a beautiful knitted woolen colourful dreamcoat or macrame wall hanging it gives a lot of satisfaction to finish a piece of beautiful art and to share it with other people and give them Joy as well as yourself joy for having participated in the creative process.

You don’t have to go out to study something new. you can just go to YouTube or type into any search engine and find how to dra, how to dance, how to write, even and how to publish books, how to sew, how to build toys, There are many things that you can learn online which will enrich rich and bring joy to your life and other peoples lives around you

4 Care for yourself

Adopt habits of self care. Discard habits of harm. Look after yourself because your health is your wealth It’s important to make sure that you put in only good vital food to give you daily energy. Eating healthy food and doing daily exercise results in good health, a good figure and you feeling good about yourself which then gives you more confidence and ability to enjoy life, do the things you love and enjoy living in joy.

5 Attitude of gratitude

We can choose what kind of attitude we have towards life and having an attitude of gratitude allows us to frame all events as being positive. We all have a choice how we are going to approach each day we can get out of bed and decide I’m going to have a great day and get lots of things done and do it with joy and have lots of fun doing itc. The alternative which is not very pleasant would be to stay at home and not take responsibility for anything that happens in our life and blame past events and live in fear of the future and not take control of your life.

You can be grateful for all of the wonderful things that you have in your life but you can also be grateful for all of the supposed bad things that happen in your life and you can treat them as learning experiences. When you ReFrame even negative experiences with gratitude and acceptance you don’t get as emotionally affected by events perceived as negative and you can let go of your grief, fogive and not stay angry. Then you can look about and you can see the blue sky in the clear water & realise how lucky we are to be here a one in 400 trillion chance that you were born.

6 Plan fun

There are 168 hours in a week most people sleep on average 56 hours and if the average work week is 40 hours there are still 72 hours left in the week to have fun. 72 hours per week do something fun learn something new but it will only happen if you get out your calendar and start to plan your life and plan time for fun.

It only takes 15 minutes to make a to do list each day and a calendar is a most useful tool because you can schedule your time into blocks and you can visually see where you have spare time and organise it appropriately to have more fun.

7 Challenge yourself to have fum

When you wake up in the morning challenge yourself to have a fun day you can say to yourself today I’m going to have fun and play and enjoy my life and everything that goes around including all the people that I meet today and no one is going to let me bring me down or stop me enjoying my life and having some fun.

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