Unlearning taking sides

One learned habit is the tendency to “take sides”.

Which side are you on?

Unlearning taking sides is about getting fresh perspective on an issue where perhaps the best way forward is by working together in unity instead of taking sides which leads to conflict and separation.

Why take a side when you aren’t in a war?
Why are you against or why are you for?
Why not stand back and look objectively?
Why not question the situation that caused duality to be?
Why black and white when there’s a colourful rainbow?
Why be dualistic when there’s many ways to go?
Why left or right when you can go your own way?
Why not just observe and listen to what they say?
Will you keep people out or invite people in
Or question the situation that caused duality to begin?
No people are black, no people are white
This fake separation causes a fight
I’ve only ever seen people pinkish, brown, tanned
And never in my life have I seen a black or white man
Which side am I on? It seems so absurd
When I can just watch, witness and observe
And check out both sides and listen to ideas
Instead of being in conflict with judgement, war and tears
I don’t need a side, I will resist
And disobey old conventions that still persist
Why follow blindly old dualistic conventions
When we can be one with United intentions?
And free from the dualistic idea of taking sides
When we all work together, all people will thrive
When we all work together and act as a team
Separation and dualism will become a past dream

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