James' Blue Fre House Free School


About  Blue House Free Schools

UPDATE: James and Atlantis have now relocated to the Australian Poetry Hall of Fame in Guyra where they shall be offering free classes to locals and visitors. You can find out more from the blog of Thundercloud and also findlinks to his amazing poetry and books.

Blue House Free Schools is a not for profit foundation with the aim of providing free schools teaching lifestyles of health and sustainability as well as promoting digital literacy. James’ Blue House Free Schools goal is to provide sustainable mobile community learning centres and to facilitate the establishment and ongoing support of non-profit community based co-operative free schools.

Blue House Free Schools aims to facilitate learning communities that assist each person to release their inner genius so that collectively we can co-create the new paradigm of living peacefully, happily and healthily.

Based on the collective knowledge storytelling paradigm of the indigenous ancestors, community classes are by taught by volunteers where anyone can be both a teacher and a student.When we all work together we can collectively create a healthy future for all people, living things and the planet.

Each one can teach one.

About James Arthur Warren

My name is James Arthur Warren. On the 27th of November 2014 a one in thirty year hail storm with 140 km/hr winds blew the roof of the home I had lived in for 8 years, in Brisbane. Windows were smashed by large hail stones and the roof sailed in one piece 150 meters over two houses and left my three sons and I displaced and homeless, extreme climate refugees.

As an Environmental Scientist, Social Change Activist and English as a Second Language Teacher I took this as a sign to follow my dream  of creating collective free schools for everyone. My belief is that through education and self mastery,  people make better free choices in their lives and are empowered to take control of their destiny instead of being fatalistic. This lifts up all society.

That is why I believe in free education for all.

James Arthur Warren.

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