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Get inside my head

G’day mate. How ya goin’?

To get into my head space. I started this walk from Brisbane to Adelaide all gung ho, knowing I have the physical and mental strength to complete it but after 2 days I got this cellulitis leg infection. I thought I would heal in a couple of days and keep going but no it doesn’t work that way. I was very reluctant to admit I had to stop until I was fully healed.

The healing was not as quick as I initially believed. I would heal. I thought 3 days and I’ll be on my way, then another 3 days and today I’d be leaving but no. I don’t even want to put a time frame on it now. I have been frustrated and disappointed, reluctant to admit I have to stop. I felt I was letting everyone down. Disappointed more.

Eventually I allowed myself to come back home to rest and recover but didn’t want to. Found it difficult to even go back home and waited over an hour at mum and dad’s before going home, next door. I got upset with my son Clay for a stupid reason when I should have been happy to see him.

However, now I am accepting that my healing will take time, my patience is returning and grateful I could be here to spend more time with the family, had such a joyful time with my son Sacha last night. We went walk about through South Brisbane from 8pm to 11pm last night and picked sweet potato at South Bank.Had a great time with friends at Marine’s birthday yesterday laughing and playing games.

Yesterday I did some gardening, planted more sunflowers and amaranth. Crown St is looking great with our street gardens and will look even better in a month when more sunflowers grow. I even made some more videos.

I am grateful for more time to get stuff organised and time to prepare for all the things I want to do in the next year. I feel less pressure and more organised.

Yes I will recover and I will continue. I dream of walking this walk. The first two days alone were amazing and I have 48 more to go. What do I mean? The experience of joy through gratitude at having this marvelous opportunity to walk past such amazingly beautiful scenery frequently brought tears of joy I could not hold back and I could also feel the energy that all my lovely followers were sending me was overwhelming.

I love all my supporters and followers and look forward to sharing more of this beautiful country with all of you in my videos, blog, and social media posts.

Why? Because I believe in free education and I believe “there is nothing like Australia .”

Good on ya mate.

Free Blue Walk Paused

Five days ago I set out to walk from Brisbane to Adelaide approximately 2000km in 50 days. However after just two days I got a skin infection called celulitis and had to pause to recover.

I was lucky that my friend was a nurse and identified it before I continued or I could have gotten septicemia on the road and been out of action for much longer. I felt I was letting everyone down at first but now I am thankful for the time to recover before my first big challenge, the ascent from the Fassifern Valley up through Cunningham’s Gap onto the Darling Downs. This has also given my other leg time to totally recover from the torn calf muscle that I got 3 weeks earlier.

Day 1 and I left home at about 7:20 am. I was accompanied by my neighbour Campbell for a little way then headed off over Eleanor Schonel bridge into the University of Queensland. I’d chosen a lighter pack but soon realised the straps were going to dig into my shoulders so I called my son Clay and he met me at Indooropilly Station where I changed all my gear from one pack to the other and said good bye again. That was my first change of plans.

I met a nice young man, riding his bicycle to school who helped me put on my rain poncho and later contributed what he could to my cause. The trip out to the Moggil ferry was rainy and it didn’t stop until I got close to Ipswich.

At Bellbowrie Fruit Shop the owner donated my lunch, a pear, banana, mandarin, 2 avocados and a bag of mushrooms. Thank you. ( And if you live in Bellbowrie check it out because it’s hard competing against the big supermarkets)

The end of day 1 and I arrived in Ipswich, wet and tired with a little pain in my right leg but my left leg which I’d torn the calf muscle 2.5 weeks earlier was feeling fine. I stretched, rubbed and massaged but to no avail and my right leg still hurt in  the morning.

On day two I got my first taste of long straight roads  but my right leg only got sorer. I made it to Kalbar but my leg was very painful all night.  One of my hosts is a nurse and she took one look at my leg and suggested I had cellulitis and that I ought to see a doctor immediately. I went to a doctor and she gave me antibiotics. For this reason days three, four and five  have been  rest days and I am doing this to ensure that I can make it all the way from Brisbane to Adelaide.

I have been eating tubers of turmeric and bathing the leg  in Condy’s Crystals, potassium permanganate, to try everything I can because I am determined to complete this challenge. Why continue and not just give up? It’s just not me and I also believe I my dream of mobile free schools teaching lifestyles of health and sustainability as well as  universal free education so  passionately that I want to see it become a reality.

I also know that my compassionate action is inspiring people to get off their comfortable couches and follow their dreams too. People have told me so.

I am reminded of the story of Robert the Bruce and the spider and how through perseverance you can achieve your goals and dreams.

Now I am resting because I intend to get to Adelaide by foot, two feet that is, and I don’t with to be stopped due to poor health so I’ll recover and then continue. Hopefully tomorrow but everything happens for a reason.

If everyone in Australia contributed  1¢ per kilometer that I also from Brisbane to Adelaide, I wold be able to start 50 mobile free schools, a FREE University and take the idea out of Australia to the world.

Do you also share my dream for Free Education? You can contribute here to James’ Blue House Free Schools.

There’s nothin’ like Australia

There’s nothin’ like Australia.

This could be a post about nationalistic pride. It’s not. Pride leaves one open to scorn.

This is a post about the uniqueness of Australia and the good and fair people. This is a post about the great things that are often not shown or glossed over in the main stream media. This is a post about Australian ingenuity, persistence against hardship, mate-ship and triumph. This is a post about valour and determination to succeed against all odds.

Let’s start with the big stuff. The Big Banana at Coffs Harbour. Who would have ever believed that a giant fiber glass banana could do so much for Aussie tourism? Many people must have laughed when a local banana farmer decided to build the Big Banana but now it is an Aussie icon.

How about the natural beauty of this wide brown land Australia? Its not all brown but shades of ochre and amazing greens in the vast variety of vegetation types, coastal heath lands, rainforests, mallee, mulga, so many different kinds of “The Bush”. Let’s not forget Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef, the wet tropics and the desert in all its shapes and forms.

However it’s the people that make this place “deadly”. I admire the humble confidence and determination of the indigenous, first nation’s people and that they are still sovereign people, even after 227 years of colonization They still haven’t given up hope of freedom from the rule of Great Britain. Bogans? Love ’em! Down to earth, hard working, like to have a good time on the weekend and support the Australian ute industry. Yeah I admit that we all have the odd “dickhead” mate but the thing about Aussie people is that they forgive their mates and no-one is purposely always a “dickhead.” We’re a pretty laid back and friendly mob.

I could go on forever about the awesome people that I’ve met around the traps but I’ve got to get ready for the bloody long Free Blue Walk from Brisbane to Adelaide. I am raising funds for James’ Blue House Free Schools traveling free school in a double decker bus. I leave next Wednesday the 17th of June 2015 and it’s 40km for 50 days and 50 one hour classes at the end of each day on “Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability”

So click on the link below to donate to this campaign.

James’ Blue House Free Schools

PS Deadly is a colloquial Australian adjective used predominantly by the Indigenous Australians which has a meaning similar to “awesome”

Free Blue Walk Preparations

It has been yet another busy day in preparation for the Free Blue Walk, a 2017 km walk in 50 days from Brisbane to Adelaide.

I got up around 5:30 and had a glass of lemon water to alkalise followed but my daily 5 Tibetan Rite of Rejuvenation exercises. A quick Vlog and then I finished off the exercises. 

Next I was up at the Boggo Road farmer’s market getting my organic fruit and veggies when I decided to go back and give away all of my excess books.I had a successful day making over $140 in donations from giving away free books.

Then I was over at my favourite deadly (that means awesome) neighbour, Marietta’s digging up the garden so she could plant her winter vegetable crop. Marietta in return gave me some of her famously delicious dolmades.

I popped in to my old place with the roof blown off and had a long and interesting discussion with the squatter, John Doe (not his real name). He’s a really interesting fella and told me about the European history, world history and the legitimacy of the parliament of Australia or not. We spoke about direct democracy which exists in Switzerland as opposed to our indirect representative democracy in Australia which has obviously been corrupted.

But most importantly we spoke about the need for independence from Britain, national sovereignty it is called, and the absolute need for a new independent constitution for Australia.

Last of all I want to put out a call for people who would like to and are able to support me on my Free Blue Walk for free education. I need at least two support crew members. One person to drive and set up tents camping and bedding for each night. The other person I am looking for will be responsible for my nutrition and daily health needs.

If you’re interested in either of these voluntary positions, link to me via facebook or email

Please donate at


Crowd Funding ad 1.0

My first YouTube Ad in ages.

I saw this guy selling something on a Youtube ad and he was doing selfie videos. He had a Ferrari or something like that and was asking people for money.

I don’t have a Ferrari but I do have an education. I am an Environmental Scientist and Teacher and I have a dream to build traveling free schools that teach lifestyles of health and sustainability. My first project is getting an old 1972 Double Decker Bus and making it into a traveling free school.

However it doesn’t stop there. Eventually I want 30 traveling schools and also community collective colleges known as Blue House Free Schools where members of the community share their wisdom and knowledge with other members of the community in the spirit of “Each one can teach one”.

Why am I telling you this?

If a guy with a Ferrari can ask for money in a YouTube selfie video, so can a penniless teacher. Please take the time to watch this video, share it, like it, subscribe for more updates.