Class Profiles

James Blue House Free Schools offers a wide range of courses including:

  • Adult Digital Literacy
  • Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Language
  • Arts and Music
  • Mathematics, geometry and numeracy
  • Science
  • Spiritual development
  • Permaculture and organic gardening


Meditation and Rejuvenation Class: Quantum Pause Breathing meditation (all levels) and the 5Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation. 

These classes combine elements of what are known as the 5 Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation  from the book available in PDF here The Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth by Peter Kelder. These exercises can be adapted for most levels of fitness to increase your vitality and when practiced daily and combined with a healthy diet of mainly raw fruit and vegetables should help you lose weight. The exercises are combined with  Quantum Pause Breathing, a technique designed to help meditation and also build up lung capacity and increase lung health.

Body rejuvenation classes go one hour with 15 minutes of breathing meditation followed by 30 minutes of yoga like exercise and a 10 minute warm down.

Some yoga mats are available or bring your own yoga mat or towel and water. I suggest drinking at least 500 ml of water before beginning exercise. Are you interested in a class in your community?  Contact James Blue House Free Schools and let the results speak for themselves.

English as a Second Language for students, migrants and travelers.

Do you find it difficult to understand Australians speaking? Do you want to learn English? Do you want to speak better?


Currently on hold.

This community English Class will help you understand Australians, learn some common every day English that will help you get around.

Learn a Language Other Than English.

James Blue House Free Schools has beginner travel language classes available in a wide range of languages including:French Mandarin, Hungarian Spanish, Portuguese, Persian. James’ Blue House Free Schools has access to many people wishing to share and teach their own language.

If you are intending to travel and interested in attending a language class please email us with the language you’d like to study, to be put on a waiting list. Don’t worry if it is not listed, just let us know what you would like to study and we’ll do our best to get a teacher and a class happening.

Inna Di Yaard Accoustic Jam

Music for the soul. From novice to pro here’s a supportive learning circle that anyone can join. What ever your instrument of choice bring it along for the Jam Sesh Inna Di Yaard. Each Inna Di Yaard Jam will have 2 songs that you can practice so you’re ready to shred.

Photo Reading and and Speed Reading 

Are you short on time to read everything you want to read? What is photo reading? How do you do it? How photo reading can speed up your learning? In this practical course you will learn advanced reading techniques that will speed up your absorption of the written word. In each class you will photo read a minimum of 2 books.

For this class you will need to bring at least 2 or more books that you haven’t read but want to read.

Public Speaking: Dancing funny on the soap box. 

Do your legs go to jelly? Do you get tongue tied? Freeze up? Anxiety about public speaking can be overcome. This class will prepare you for addressing crowds of people through body language, acting, comedy and of course your voice. You will learn to speak so that everyone listens and you will learn to listen to your crowd.

ROAR Food Raw, Organic And Real. Let food be your medicine and medicine your food.

Reading Aloud Allowed Learn to read and make yourself understood. This course will work on improving your pronunciation by reading aloud.

Words, sentences, questions and answers. This class focuses on increasing your vocabulary and improving your grammar.

Permaculture and Organic Gardening

Learn about growing your own healthy food at home in this practical course where you will get you hands dirty.

Skateboarding and Longboarding

Clay Warren will help you get air, perfect that olly and land your kickflip.

Swimming and water safety for beginner adults

Does swimming for you mean standing chest deep in the water? These classes will develop your swimming so that you can swim to save yourself. You will learn to float, tread water, how to kick your legs, move your arms and breathe correctly.

If you are interested in having these classes in your community space, please contact JBHFS below

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