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5 Foods That Age You

5 Foods that age you. Avoid these 5 foods if you want to stay youthful.
by James Arthur Warren

At 45 years old I look into the mirror and see a lot of grey hair. Most of it is on my face as my dreadlocks still have more gold hair than grey. I do however intend to keep my body young and healthy so that is why I exercise and eat well.

Here are 5 of what I consider to be the most ageing foods. These foods are very common and difficult to avoid but understanding how they age you is essential to staying younger longer.

  1. Sugar: Sugar is one of the most addictive substances on the planet. Carbohydrates are essential to survival but it is the quality of your carbohydrates that either age you or keep you youthful. Refined white sugar and High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) are have a very high glycemic index which means they are readily used by the body causing a spike in blood sugar levels. Many manufactured foods are packed with sugar because sugar tastes “nice” which makes foods more desirable. The initial boost from readily available sugars then quickly falls away leaving you sluggish and craving more sugar or another sugary soft-drink. As your energy level quickly drops your body thinks you are going into starvation or famine mode so it starts to store fat for the famine. The sugars and carbohydrates that occur naturally in fresh produce take longer for the body to absorb and process. The release of energy is more sustained over a longer period and the blood sugar level falls gradually. This has the effect of sustaining you longer. Sugar also causes blood acidity and requires that you eat lots of alkaline green vegetables, Sugar has many negative effects which include: brain sluggishness, but most importantly it slows down the ability of the body to heal itself and regenerate.
  2. Salt: Sodium chloride is a common and cheap flavour enhancer that is routinely added to food to make them more flavoursome. Unfortunately common salt is highly processed and is only two kinds of salt. There is enough naturally occurring salt in most foods. However, If you must add salt to your meal you should use a high quality salt such as himalayan crystal salt. Salt also causes blood acidity.
  3. Cow dairy: Dairy causes inflammation and mucus formation in the gut. This leads to a sluggish digestive system which is slower to eliminate toxins which cause ageing. Most dairy also contains hormones and antibiotics that are fed to the cows which also cause oxidative stress on the body. These hormones are then passed on in the milk.
  4. Meat: Meat, especially “factory farmed meat” and processed meats like bacon age the body because once again meat is one of the most acid forming foods. . An acidic diet is a diet that ages you and pulls calcium from your bones. Meat also causes inflammation because it contains saturated fats, Neu5Gc, a sugar molecule and arachidonic acid all of which increase inflammation. Processed meats like bacon and salami also contain sulphites and nitrites which are known to cause cancer. Meat also irritates the gut, cn cause hormonal imbalances and causes oxidative stress. Fried, grilled or barbecued meat also contains carcinogenic compounds that can alter DNA.
  5. “Bad” trans fats: There are a lot of good fat sources, coconut oil, avocado oil, flax, olive and fish oil. All of these have essential fatty acids that promote a youthful body. However the “bad” fats are the chemically altered fats. Trans fats also known as hydrogenated fats are chemically changed by heating. This alters the molecular structure so that a vegetable oil which is usually liquid at room temperature becomes a solid such as margarine. Heating any oil to extreme temperatures in the cooking process damages the fat so it is best to avoid too many fried foods if you don’t want to age.

So what is the solution?
Quit eating processed food and soft drinks full of sugar and change your diet to a plant based diet high in raw fruits and vegetables.

Check out my video for more information on these 5 ageing foods.

Reference: “Eat yourself young” by Elizabeth Peyton-Jones

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7 Benefits of reusable jute or hemp shopping bags

7 Benefits of reusable jute or hemp shopping bags

by James Arthur Warren

In the whole world over one trillion single use plastic bags are produced and used each year. Less than one percent are recycled and many end up as litter polluting our environment. The bags then wash into rivers and oceans being mistaken for food and killing animals. Plastic bags are photodegradable breaking up into finer and finer particles which are ingested by krill. The plastic polymers then bioaccumulate up the food chain.

In Australia there are 7 billion single use plastic bags used each day. Luckily some states around the world  like South Australia and France are legislating to reduce and eliminate the use of these environmentally harmful products. However if your government is not acting fast enough to reduce the number of plastic bags used it is your responsibility to do something about it.

What can you do?

You can get some reusable, sustainably produced just or hemp bags and say “No bag thanks! I’ve brought my own.”

There are a couple of videos at the end of this blog post that explain the problem of single use plastic bags and solutions.Check out PPB- Post Plastic Bag on facebook

Here are the 7 benefits of reusable jute or hemp shopping bags.

  1. Reuseable
  2. Stronger
  3. Less Litter
  4. They biodegrade not photodegrade
  5. Sustainably produced
  6. Less plastic bags are used
  7. Supports local enterprises

For the BONUS BENEFIT watch my video or read to the end of this article.

1 Reusable

The are reusable so you can use them over and over again. However most polythene bags are only used once and then discarded which encourages waste and overconsumption.

2 Stronger

Hemp and jute are stronger than plastic bags so they don’t break.

3 Less litter

People are unlikely to litter a reusable bag because it is reusable unlike single use plastic bags which are by definition designed to be discarded after on use. For this reason some people discard them as litter into the environment. In the environment they get eaten by turtles, fish and other animals which then die from starvation.

4 Biodegradable and not photodegradable.

Biodegradable bags break down in the environment into their organic components of carbon dioxide. Photodegradable plastic breaks up into finer and finer particles of the original product. This leaves a toxic leachate that then bioaccumulates up the food chain.

5 Produced from sustainable crops.

They can be made from sustainably produced crops like hemp instead of petrochemicals. Using hemp like products encourages the adoption of a sustainable cellulose industries. However plastic products are a by product of the oil industry which is a damaging industry.

6 Reduce the number of plastic bags used.

7 Reusable bags can be made locally

This gives people entrepreneurial opportunities as opposed to supporting globalised petrochemical corporations.

The BONUS BENEFIT Vegetables stored in plastic bags sweat, go soggy and rotten quickly but in hemp bags they don’t.

Here is a video that explains about ending our addiction to plastic bags.

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7 BENEFITS OF REUSABLE JUTE OR HEMP SHOPPING BAGS by James Arthur Warren is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


Education and teachers are important.

I’m a teacher and so are my parents. Both my sisters are teachers too. We are however all different in our approach.

For me, I tend to view everyone I meet in every situation as a learning experience. My mother, an early child hood teacher, begain my education before I started school. Reading story books, she developed in me a love of reading from a young age. I spent years in the school system, university and vocational education, All the time working hard in casual jobs to finanace my study and my family’s security. My older sister is teaching al of her children through unschooling/homeschooling. My younger sister teaches dance. I know many other teachers and the one thing we all have in common is a benevolent outlook on life where we want to help peopkle achieve their best life through self mastery.

I rejected teaching at first, choosing to study environmental science but at 33 I responded to an ad in a newspaper and took my family to China to teach English as a Foereign Language. Teaching English gave me an insight into other people. Suddenly I found myself in a place where I could be exposed to all different kinds of people. The internet had come along and book based learning was replaced, “level up,”  by surfing the sea of information. It was like all the answers are suddenly available.

However, it was the people aspect of teaching that I enjoyed the most. Words on a page portray an idea but when interacting with a real live human there is so much more that can be understood which is communicated through body language, vocal stress and intonation. There is a fluid flow of information that happens when two, or more people sit patiently ask questions and discuss issues important to them.

Once upon a time you went to school to learn reading, writing and arithmatic. These days 5 year olds are searching videos on dinosaurs and physics, teaching themselves to dance, skateboard and enjoy life.

Why? Beacause the education system is failing them and they have found a better way. It isn’t creative enough and it isn’t changing fast enough for them. In Australia our young are subjected to stress inducing NAPLAN tests of language, literacy and numeracy.These tests detract from teaching time  and also burdens teachers in administration so they don’t have time to create an ideal learning space. The system of certificates, degrees and registration along with the cost of these things is becoming out of the reach of the people. This is another reason why more and more people are getting their knowledge from the internet. The people want knowledge,

There are teachers on the internet, in videos, podcasts and who write content. However there are always times when the student needs a guide, a teacher, someone who can listen to the questions of the student and assist the student to find answers to the questions. The final result sholud be that the student leaves the teacher with a new way of questioning the existing world and a propoensity for creating what does not yet exist.

After all the prime goal of each student is “self mastery”. Teachers are important because they facilitate learning and education but it is the education itself they empowers people to take control of their lives and create the life they desire.

Free Blue Walk Preparations

It has been yet another busy day in preparation for the Free Blue Walk, a 2017 km walk in 50 days from Brisbane to Adelaide.


I got up around 5:30 and had a glass of lemon water to alkalise followed but my daily 5 Tibetan Rite of Rejuvenation exercises. A quick Vlog and then I finished off the exercises. 

Next I was up at the Boggo Road farmer’s market getting my organic fruit and veggies when I decided to go back and give away all of my excess books.I had a successful day making over $140 in donations from giving away free books.

Then I was over at my favourite deadly (that means awesome) neighbour, Marietta’s digging up the garden so she could plant her winter vegetable crop. Marietta in return gave me some of her famously delicious dolmades.

I popped in to my old place with the roof blown off and had a long and interesting discussion with the squatter, John Doe (not his real name). He’s a really interesting fella and told me about the European history, world history and the legitimacy of the parliament of Australia or not. We spoke about direct democracy which exists in Switzerland as opposed to our indirect representative democracy in Australia which has obviously been corrupted.

But most importantly we spoke about the need for independence from Britain, national sovereignty it is called, and the absolute need for a new independent constitution for Australia.

Last of all I want to put out a call for people who would like to and are able to support me on my Free Blue Walk for free education. I need at least two support crew members. One person to drive and set up tents camping and bedding for each night. The other person I am looking for will be responsible for my nutrition and daily health needs.

If you’re interested in either of these voluntary positions, link to me via facebook or email 1english1@gmail.com

Please donate at     http://www.gofundme.com/j6hahs