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10 Steps to achieve what you want

  by Thundercloud Repairian

  1. The power of purpose is pulling you forward to your future through all the challenges and doors. The power of purpose makes you swim hard beyond here and now and creates new rules.
  2. Self confidence comes from not neglecting yourself and doing your best to better yourself. When you feel good about yourself your confidence will rise and all of your fears and anxiety dies.Willing to what it takes to achieve the purpose of your life and self believe. Whatever it takes I will do and rise above the petty things discouraging you. Willing to overcome all of the bad and uncomfortable situations your life happy not sad
  3. Enthusiasm and excitement that runs deep inside, genuine willingness to help other people you can’t hide. Enthusiasm to do the best job I can and excited about becoming a better man.
  4. Expertise and outstanding the best you can be, and you will become your greatest possibility.
  5. Preparation prevents poor performance so be properly prepared and achieve all you can be. Prepare yourself for success and then you will achieve your very best. What can I do to be ready to go? To put on the best and the greatest show. Searching and looking for the best ideas so you’ll be ready for when opportunity appears.
  6. Self reliant when you mostly look to yourself for the answers to questions, responsible for myself. Because the only one who knows what you need is you so don’t rely on others to look after you. 
  7. Image that other people see you. If you act like a leader people will follow you. Your image is what the other people see so stay true to yourself image and be it freely. Look in the mirror how I appear to myself, so I nurture and care for my total health
  8. Character is a person with respect and integrity and then the system will become the best it could be. So people see you as helpful and kind, positive, optimistic, sublime.
  9. Self discipline is when you focus on the best job you can and remedy mistakes and always follow your plan. 
  10. The power of high performance and demand of yourself to be an extraordinary woman or man. The power of the high performance you do will ensure your sucess in everything you do.n Demanding of the highest version of yourself so wish it and you can be the best version of yourself


Big thanks to Jim Rohn for his motivational speech available on Youtube

Flea and the Dinosaur, Love and Lust in Nimbin

Bit tyrannasaurMay 2018 Nimbin, Bundjalung Country

It has been one year since Atlantis stopped after 2017 Nimbin Mardi Grass. I was feeling a little frustrated that not much had been happening and little progress made, however………..

After one year in Nimbin I have written and illustrated a children’s book, “The Flea and the Dinosaur” and written two poetry books. The poetry books are part of a two book series called “Love and Lust in Nimbin” Part 1 “Love in Nimbin” is about good things and part 2 “Lust in Nimbin” is a political book  about good things too.

The good thing is I am making progress while staying in the same place. I now have products which I can sell to fund “Blue House Free School” and the running of Atlantis……

Here is a little sample ……….Love and Lust in Nimbin

It could have been apples and appease

Or sleeping on a doorstep

or smelling of blue cheese

Love and lust in Nimbin.

It could be “living in a human zoo”

Or Angry Fascist Bully Boys

Or Rainbow Hippie Spew

Love and Lust in Nimbin

It could have been Aquarius and Peace

Or OD on a Saturday morning

Communes, Cannabis and Trees

Love and Lust in Nimbin

Our eternal dreamtime too

And songs for our corroborees

For our Widjabal ancestors too

Love and Lust in Nimbin

It’s what came to my mind

I’m living in the country

I’m eating peaches all the time

Love and Lust in Nimbin

Take a peek inside

You’ll love this little book

You’ll buy it, you’ll decide

You can get a copy of any of these books by contacting me directly via email 1english1@gmail.com  They are all $20 each